Small Update

We are still without running water, – since 2 am, Friday morning, – and we have no set date for completion of the fix for the leaks. There is some rumor of it being repaired on Tuesday, but the weather is making it difficult with progress.

My mother picked us up – taking us to the water buffalo station, so we could fill up jugs , water bottles, etc. We were also able to pick up two cases of unopened water bottles from the local fire department. Though, we are still trying to conserve as best as possible. We were able to get the heat on, however, so at least we’re not freezing cold anymore. Thankfully.

Oh Dear, Winter!

As of Friday, at 2 am EST, the entire downtown area of the town we’re in is without water, due to multiple water line breaks. Because of this, (as my fiance, Alden, and I live in that section of town) we’ve been without water as well. This means no showers, no running water, no toilet, etc. Also, we have no heat as well. It’s been a little rough, with the winter storms hitting our area lately. Last night, we were at a level 3 snow emergency as well due to the conditions of the roads, from freezing rain and snowfall. That’s since been reduced thankfully, thanks to the road crews, to a level 1 but it’s still pretty crazy.

On the plus side, my family helped out quite a bit by filling up big water jugs and some smaller bottles, so we can have both drinking water and flush. They also picked us up and took us to their house , so we could use their shower and get fed for the time being. And, the town has implemented water buffalo stations too downtown, so we can go refill our jugs  for free if we run out. Thankfully.

It’s mostly the lack of heat right now that’s the biggest problem, along with the weather conditions.

Quit Trying to Hack My Site!

I’m getting tired of seeing all these reports about IP’s and folks getting banned from my blog, because you’re trying to hack my site to login as me. That is NOT okay. I repeat, that is not okay, and my blog will ban you if you try.

Please be aware that anyone trying to sign up to subscribe to my blog will not be affected by the ban program, as you’re not part of the problem. It only affects those who try to misuse this site, by trying to figure out my account information.